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Shoutout to a few friends

    I am just a young technology enthusiast, someone who just loves playing around with a new piece of tech - hardware or software. I have investigated in numerous areas of technology, areas such as: game design, web design, hardware design and creation, software programming and some other interesting areas of technology. I have created multiple technological creations of my own and have written programs for my own purposes as well. I am just another one of those people who just cannot resist a new piece of technology. I have met a lot of amazing people throughout these years, people such as software designers, model aircraft hobbiests and hardware designers.

Here are some of the amazing people that I have met throughout the years.


This is a good friend I met while he was traveling in China, he is a aviation enthusiast and a skilled one as well, he has built countless RC planes of any class himself and is truly knowledgeable when it comes down to chemistry.

Copterdude's Website

Just a self taught tinkerer in programming, electronics, mechanics, design and engineering.