These are all the projects I have done!

Raspberry Pi 3 B Mini Computer

This mini computer I made consist of a Raspberry Pi 3 B and the components required to run the Raspberry Pi(Battery, Charging Curcuit, Screen and more.) The battery is a 6.4 volt lithium-ion battery that gives the computer about 2 hours of battery time depending on what you are doing, the charging curcuit is just a simple custom curcuit and the screen is the official RPI 5-inch screen.

Unreal Engine 4 FPS

This is a first person shooter I made in UE4 (Unreal Engine), this game was based on the "Apex Legends" multiplayer first person shooter. In this picture, there is the prototype character holding the Pulse Rifle.

C# Console A.I

This A.I is something that I have been thinking about for a while, the A.I is portable, and it can run on a lot of operating systems such as Linux, macOS and Windows. When I programmed this A.I, I had the word "portable" in my mind, I created this A.I for a 64GB USB so I can take it wherever I go.

P4wnP1 Hacking USB Attack Platform V2

This is actually the second version of a USB I made to run a operating system called P4wnP1, a very flexible and powerful attack platform for hackers and penetration testers, P4wnP1 is built up upon Linux and is created by Marcus Mengs, A.K.A MaMe82 on github.


P4wnP1 Hacking USB Attack Platform V1

This P4wnP1 unit is quite unique compared to my other units. For that this unit has a battery installed on it, meaning that this unit, unlike the others, has the ability to run without a host or a direct power supply. This unit also runs a standard version of the P4wnP1 software with a few additions I have made.