C# Console A.I

This A.I is a something I had in my mind for a while now, and I finally got this programmed, I wanted a portable A.I in a USB, and I wanted this A.I to adapt and get used to the system I put in. This A.I is runable on popular systems like Windows, Linux and macOS, I wrote the A.I in the C# programming language in Visual Studio 2019. The A.I also uses the brilliant ML.NET (Machine Learning.NET) nuget pachage from Microsoft, that way, the A.I is more of an A.I than a simple chatbot. Since this A.I is going to be moved around a lot, the directories of each computer it gets plugged into are different the last, I had to program different ways for it to move around the permissions of the file directories and whatnot. For example, I am a huge music fan, so I included a function in the A.I that searches all disks for music files that I favor and play the files, exept there are permission issues and directory issues, so I had to tell it to skip the directories that the computer doesn't allow it read. Even though this A.I is small and portable, it supports all the functions my other A.I's have, examples are: MD5 hash cracking, password stealing, network jamming, playing music and more.

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