This is a interesting little USB that I made to run a very special operating system named P4wnP1. P4wnP1 is an operating system built upon Linux, P4wnP1 is specifically made for us hackers and penetration testers, for that it is powerful, flexable and customizable. I actually added a few customizations to the software myself, P4wnP1 is created by Marcus Mengs, known as MaMe82 on github. Hardware-wise, P4wnP1 is actually pretty simple, given that the operating system is to run on the Raspberry Pi 0, which is basically a super small computer. P4wnP1 itself has many attack options such as: remote backdoors, hash stealers, web creds stealers and more. My own additions just make the device harder to trace.

P4wnP1 V2