The Project

"Tide" stands for Terminal Integrated Development Environment, and it is a integrated development environment for programming that is designed to run in the terminal.




I had recently been developing a lot on Linux, which naturally led to the frequent use of text editors. However, there was not a single terminal text editor that I liked. Thus, I decided to set out and make my own text editor, one that was perfect for me.



Python is the programming language I am best at. I knew that due to its high-level nature it would be difficult to write a small, portable, terminal-based text editor with it. Nevertheless, I still decided that this project would be written in the Python programming language, and after settling this, I began my research. My first goal was to find a way to allow Python to easily interact with the terminal, so as to create a terminal user interface (TUI), which is the basis of this project. Soon, I find the py_cui library, which was a simple and quick way to allow Python to control the graphics of the terminal. After learning about this library, I was able to start programming.



This project is hosted on my Github page. To learn more about it, please visit: