Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Smartphone

This paragraph is about the Raspberry Pi 3(or RPI) smartphone I made, it took 'bout a year to make. I did not buy a kit a anything, this smartphone (or small computer) is built up from complete scratch! The case is made of spare parts I found in my moms company. As you may see, this smartphone has four USB 1 port that you can plug almost anything that has a USB head (USB sticks, hard drives, etc.). This phone might be slower than the other smartphones but it can run multiple Operating Systems and all I need to do is change the SD card that has the Operating System install in it. I am trying Kali-linux for now cause I like hacking Operating Systems(though i think I will not do anything illegal, yet) and linux is one of the open source Operating Systems that you can change the programming to your wishes.


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